About Us

The name P&N came from the initial of the name of Philip and Niki. We brand our service with our name, and guarantee the quality with our name.

We got into the professional wedding photography industry about six years ago. With passion, diligence and a lot of enthusiasm, we have managed to deliver photos and videos that fully depict my creativity, innovative style and artistic diversity.



Who  are we

About Philip

I living and photographing in Auckland for the last 10 years. Landscape photography has always been at the forefront of my focus until I took photos at a friend wedding and instantly found something new and inspiring. The amazing thing about wedding photography is that from the start to finish, there is an opportunity at every second to capture and freeze moments in time. I really love watching the expressions on the couple faces when they view their wedding photos for the first time. I love seeing them point out a photo that captured a moment during their wedding that they missed but can now revisit. This is what makes shooting weddings so fulfilling and gratifying for me.

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About Niki

Before quit her job and come to New Zealand, Niki had work in Wuzhou Television for more then 8 years. With rich design and video experience, Niki opened up Philip’s new view of the video  technology and method. So far she had become the most important role in Philip’s daily photo and video shooting process.

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What we use

We are shooting photo and video with high end DSLR and lense, professional lighting equipment, also slider and stabilizer for better video result

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