Thanks Alax & Maria for being my loyal cutomer
Alax & Maria, whom I shoot their pre-wedding portrait in 2010. Became my loyal customer since then. Thanks so much for all of that supporting 2010 2012 2013 Apr 2013 Oct   2013 Dec
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20141111 Indian 1st birthday party
One of the best ting to be photographer is, you could have the privilege to see so many amazing wedding/birthday cake and keep them in your camera!
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20140826 Ervol & Catherine Auckland Wedding
20140826 Ervol & Catherine Ceremony venue: Buckland Beach Yacht Club Reception venue: Buckland Beach Yacht Club   Auckland Wedding
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20140707 Ivan’s 1st birthday MV
This is Ivan’s one year’s birthday, his parent make let us to make this special MV to keep this moment for him
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20140505 Wedding like a fairytale story
Candy has spend a lots of time to prepare her dream wedding. When we arrived the venues, we could not believe what we saw, those setup and wedding cake were extremely beautiful . Thank you for invited us to join your amazing wedding. Ceremony venue: St Matthew-in-the-City Reception venue: Wintergarden Pavilion  
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20140308 Seven Anna Auckland Wedding
20140308 Seven Anna Auckland Wedding.   Ceremony venue: Beaufords In Totara Park Reception venue:Beaufords In Totara Park
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20140111 Samoa &Persia Wedding
A good thing to be a wedding photographer is , you can see different wedding held by different culture. This time is the Samoa &Persia Wedding.     Reception venue: Stamford Plaza Brisbane Hotel        
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STEVEN AND BACKY Brisbane Wedding
STEVEN AND BACKY  Brisbane Wedding  
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201312 Staunton and Lillian Brisbane Wedding
201312 Staunton and Lillian Brisbane Wedding
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20131215 Stan Rachel Auckland Wedding
20131215 Stan Rachel Auckland Wedding
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20131130 Cliff&FIONA Auckland Wedding
20131130 Cliff&FIONA Auckland Wedding  
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Unforgettable wedding in Satorini
What a pleasure ! From New Zealand to Greece, from Auckland to Santorini. 20 hours flight is tired but totally worth it . Our first oversee wedding case  make us travel half the world to here, to record R&L’s wedding
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20130317 Andy&Melody Wedding
Ceremony venue: St Matthew-in-the-City 20130317 Andy&Melody Auckland Wedding
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Auckland Domain relax wedding
Auckland Domain beautiful&relax wedding Used to thing a wedding will be a whole busy day, but definitely not this one. The Bride and groom like to stay at the same place, just want a very relax wedding. That make me can slow down and find better angle for their location photo and capture better emotion for them   Reception venue: Wintergarden Pavilion
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20130127 T&g Wedding on boat
My first wedding case which shooting on boat, love it  
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20111126 J&M Auckland Wedding
20111126 J&M Auckland Wedding Ceremony venue: St John the Baptist Anglican Church Northcote Reception venue:The Wharf Waterfront Venue
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20111120 L&k Auckland Wedding
20111120 L&k Auckland Wedding Ceremony venue: St Matthew-in-the-City Reception venue:The Wharf Waterfront Venue
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