20160109 David Jasmin Auckland wedding
20160109 David Jasmin Auckland wedding   Preparation: The Langham, Auckland http://www.langhamhotels.com/en/the-langham/auckland/   Ceremony venue : PILKINGTONe http://www.pilkingtons.co.nz/   Reception venue : PILKINGTONS http://www.pilkingtons.co.nz/
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20151205 Nic Hellen King‘s school wedding
20151205 Nic and Hellen King‘s school wedding Getting marry at school in their childhood is one of the special wedding I ever done ever. Congratulation Nic and Hellen !  
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P&N 2015 promotion video
During these years, thanks for all your support, chosen us as your wedding photographer and cinematographer. We keep learning, keep changing, and getting better. No matter where your wedding will be held, you trust us, you choose us, we will try our best for you.
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20150902 Restaurant Menu Photo shot
Every time I shot the menu photos for the restaurant, the feeling of respect to the chefs grow even more. If you never walk in a Chinese Sichuan spicy restaurant, you should really try it out ! Highly recommended!
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20150802 Soap commercial photo
Your product is good, but will it look good in photos? A good photographer can help you with damostrating the best look to your customer. Here are some soaps’ photos we just done last week.      
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20150629 Still on our way oversea
So far, We are still shooting our little project oversea. Most of time our NZ mobile phone number is hard to reach, even the internet connection was down for few days sometime. So if you saw our advertising and want us to be part of your wedding day, try to contact us via Email or use the contact form of this website. We will reply to you ASAP . Sorry about any inconvenience, we are looking forward to hear from you again.
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20150228 Clare Ron Wedding
20150228 Clare Ron Wedding Ceremony venue: Formosa Golf Resort http://www.formosa.co.nz/en/ Reception venue: Formosa Golf Resort http://www.formosa.co.nz/en/
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20150214 Happy valentine day!
Happy valentine day! Just took some portrait for Niki in the Mt Cecilia. That was our way to celebrate our Valentine day!
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Thanks Alax & Maria for being my loyal cutomer
Alax & Maria, whom I shoot their pre-wedding portrait in 2010. Became my loyal customer since then. Thanks so much for all of that supporting 2010 2012 2013 Apr 2013 Oct   2013 Dec
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20141111 Indian 1st birthday party
One of the best ting to be photographer is, you could have the privilege to see so many amazing wedding/birthday cake and keep them in your camera!
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20140707 Ivan’s 1st birthday MV
This is Ivan’s one year’s birthday, his parent make let us to make this special MV to keep this moment for him
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STEVEN AND BACKY Brisbane Wedding
STEVEN AND BACKY  Brisbane Wedding  
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201312 Staunton and Lillian Brisbane Wedding
201312 Staunton and Lillian Brisbane Wedding
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20131130 Cliff&FIONA Auckland Wedding
20131130 Cliff&FIONA Auckland Wedding  
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20111120 L&k Auckland Wedding
20111120 L&k Auckland Wedding Ceremony venue: St Matthew-in-the-City http://www.beaufords.co.nz/ Reception venue:The Wharf Waterfront Venue http://www.beaufords.co.nz/
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